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Master Facilitator

Human-centered Process Consultant

Disruption Management Expert


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I work at the intersection of human dynamics, innovation, and disruptive change. With over a decade of hands-on experience leading through highly disruptive contexts, I turned my experience into my passion, and help leaders think differently about ambiguity in today’s ever-changing world. 

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Most businesses struggle in highly dynamic and ambiguous contexts because of the struggle to effectively handle disruption. Continuing your business as little affected as possible despite unforeseen impacts is a core competency of the future.

How I can help



Facilitation & Process Consulting

I design, facilitate, and consult on tailored processes using innovative, engaging methods and tools.


Ideation & Sparring

Book me for 1-1 or a group session to explore specific challenges and create ideas. 


Tool & Game Design

I can design your unique process tool or business learning game or advise you.


Book me for an inspirational talk leaving you thought-provoking insight and practical tools. 


Navigating Beyong Crisis Book

Navigating Beyond Crisis

This book offers a practical and human-centred approach to dealing with crises.


Packed with captivating stories from the Indigenous peoples in the rainforest of Borneo to the war-torn contexts of Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Navigating Beyond Crisis takes you into the heart of crisis management and explores the critical skills needed to come out stronger from even the most critical situations.

Client Testimonials

Thomas - also known as the MacGyver of Facilitation - never fails to inspire me and my podcast guests with his captivating insights and fresh perspectives. His ability to adapt and think on his feet, even in unpredictable situations, is truly remarkable. When there is no room for a script or a done-before solution, Thomas thrives, delivering exceptional results. His warm and personable approach, combined with his resourcefulness, make him an outstanding choice for anyone seeking transformative experiences. Thomas empowers those around him by showing them that they already possess everything they need to become exceptional leaders.

Dr. Myriam Hadnes, Founder & Curator of Never Done Before Facilitation Festival, CEO & Podcast Host of “Workshops Work”

Randall Johns, NY

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