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Disruption Management -  Strategies for

Navigating Uncertainty 

Next-level Facilitation - Secrets to

Engaging Processes 

Decision Navigator – Strategic Innovation Tool

Lord McGroundwork’s Team Castle

Disruption Mangement

Disruption management -  Strategies for navigating uncertainty 

Project Meeting

Disruption Management - Strategies for navigating uncertainty is a comprehensive course designed to equip professionals with the necessary skills and strategies to effectively navigate and mitigate the impact of disruptions in today's dynamic environment. The course is structured into five modules, each focusing on critical aspects of disruption management and providing actionable insights. Through theoretical frameworks, case studies, and interactive discussions, you will develop a deep understanding of disruption management strategies and gain practical tools to thrive amidst uncertainty.

Module 1 Understanding Disruption Management

  • Understanding the nature of disruptions and their impact on organizations

  • Identifying different types of disruptions

  • Analyzing the causes and patterns of disruptions


Module 2: Habitual Readiness

  • Understanding the power of habits

  • Exploring the concept of cultural resilience

  • Identifying strategies to implement habitual readiness


Module 3:  Resource-based Innovation

  • Building a reinventor’s mindset

  • Applying a resource inventory

  • Practicing frugal innovation


Module 4: Effective Communication

  • Introductory communication psychology

  • Strategies for effective internal & external communication

  • Effective stakeholder management


Module 5: Dispersed Leadership & Confident Decision-making

  • Focusing on human-centered solutions

  • Introduction to systemic leadership

  • Models for confident decision-making

By the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge and tools to effectively anticipate, respond to, and capitalize on disruptions, enabling them to drive organizational success in an ever-changing business landscape.

Next-level Facilitation

Next-level Facilitation - Secrets to Engaging Processes: 

Audience and Lecturer

Next-Level Facilitation - Secrets to Engaging Processes is an advanced program for facilitators seeking to elevate their skills and excel in guiding dynamic group interactions. This intensive training equips participants with the knowledge and strategies to foster deep engagement, effective collaboration, and meaningful outcomes within diverse group settings beyond the commonly taught techniques. Through experiential learning, practical exercises, and peer feedback, facilitators will gain the expertise to navigate complex group dynamics, address challenging situations, and maximize the collective intelligence of the participants.



  • Advanced facilitation techniques

  • Designing for engagement

  • Navigating Human Dynamics

  • Reflection methods

  • Unconventional facilitation techniques

Whether working with teams, organizations, or communities, this training will enable facilitators and leaders to excel in creating transformative experiences that drive positive change.

Decision Navigator

Decision Navigator – Strategic Innovation Tool

Going Over Plans

The Decision Navigator is a one-day workshop based on an interactive process tool that fills gaps, presents a straightforward methodology to facilitate confident decision-making, and develops innovative solutions for priority problems based on existing resources. This process is based on almost two decades of experience supporting strategy development, crisis management, and leadership development. The Decision Navigator has been tested and refined with the feedback of world-renowned process designers, which appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness in achieving its primary objectives: developing innovative solutions and making confident decisions.

It can be used for

  • Innovation Processes & Sprints

  • Strategic Planning & Development

  • Learning Exercises

  • Ideation & Presentations to internal and external stakeholders

  • Disruption Management

Lord McGroundwork’s Team Castle

Lord McGroundwork’s Team Castle – Business Learning Game

for High-performance Teams

Team Game Boardgame

Lord McGroundwork’s Team Castle is a business learning game takes you to a mysterious castle in the Scottish Highlands. Through 5 rooms, your team will explore the five core competencies for highly successful teams in theory and practice. You will experience leadership and team challenges on the way to unleash your team spirit.

“I was a bit skeptical about the idea of a board game for team development, but I have never done anything where I learned more about myself and our team. And it was so much fun!”

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