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Book navigating Beyond Crisis

'Navigating Beyond Crisis'

A practical and human-centred approach to dealing with crises.

Packed with captivating stories from the Indigenous peoples in the rainforest of Borneo to the war-torn contexts of Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Navigating Beyond Crisis takes you into the heart of crisis management and explores the critical skills needed to come out stronger from even the most critical situations.

In it you will find an innovative alternative to traditional crisis management, a practical toolbox, rich insights, provocative reflections and a highly effective guide to get ready for the next crisis at the personal, professional and organisational level.



Navigating Beyond Crisis takes you into crisis contexts around the globe with captivating real-life experiences.

You will be challenged to reflect over how you would have handled these situations and read the author’s insights from how he managed them.



Crises are a human phenomena. This book illustrates why we first and foremost must focus on the human aspects when managing crises and provokes self-reflections.

It provides a guide for the needed skills to deal with human dynamics and makes a strong case why it is essential to know how to make space for emotions.

Because every crisis starts and ends with us.


Preparedness as a concept has repeatedly proven insufficient when it comes to future crises. The author argues that it is time for a mindset shift to a more proactive and continuous approach, which he labels 'crisis readiness'.

In the book, he provides an alternative approach and habits that heavily build upon a resilient culture and which enable individuals and companies to absorb and manage crises without major disruptions.


At the core of every crises are decisions that need to be made. Navigating Beyond Crisis explains why the essence to decision-making in crises are confidence and conviction. It presents a practical model for making difficult choices with confidence and explains why decisions are inseparable from actions.


The book is packed with practical approaches. It includes two practical concepts for crisis readiness and confident decision-making respectively and contains a dedicated section with simple exercises that you can easily apply as an individual or in a team.



"Navigating Beyond Crisis is an intensely human and practical book. It fills a major gap in our understanding of the human dimension of leading in a crisis. It highlights the interplay of what and how we think and what and how we feel – and ways to find the right balance between head and heart. It is an important resource for all who need to rise to the occasion when things go wrong."

– Helio Fred Garcia

President of the crisis management firm Logos Consulting Group & teaches crisis management at New York University and Columbia University

"Ranging from communication, cultural resilience, approaches to resources and confident decision-making, Thomas Lahnthaler aims to demystify the term crisis to help planners to stop underestimating themselves and to encourage us to think differently about preparing to deal with crises. Drawing upon Lahnthaler’s extensive personal experience in managing crises, this book is an engaging, thought provoking and intelligent read."

– Emily Hough

Editor in Chief, The Crisis Response Journal & Director of Crisis Management Ltd

"As our world is seemingly devastated by more global crises of increasing magnitude, this timely book brings hope. Packed with both captivating stories and practical strategies for crises management, Thomas Lahnthaler delivers much needed, human centric advice on the subject. Navigating Beyond Crisis is a terrific tool for both individuals and businesses to drawn upon."

– Dennis Geelen

Author of The Zero In Formula

"Insightful and a point of inspiration! Thomas Lahnthaler breaks down very complex crisis issues into a practical framework that can be understood by all. He gives a unique perspective that cultivates a behaviour of better understanding and handling of complex crisis issues."

– Elona Krypa

"This book builds on a wealth of personal experiences, challenging the reader to rethink how to approach crisis management. It showcases the importance of understanding oneself, those around us and the context that we find ourselves in during a crisis. This work represents a great resource for those looking to work in the field of crisis management as well as those already in the field."

– Regis Chapman

Country Director at World Food Programme

"Thomas finds a beautiful way to showcase elements of crisis management through his personal stories. These lessons can be easily applied equally to personal and professional settings. A must-read for anyone looking to discover techniques on how to become more resilient."


– Julia Stefani

Director of Product Management, Crypto - SoFi

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Thomas Lahnthaler has worked in crisis and conflict zones around the world. ​His experience spans over 30 countries, some of which he takes us to in this book.​ Thomas is dedicated to transferring his learnings to support individuals, leaders, teams and organisations in strengthening their skills to deal with uncertainty.​He is founder of two companies and CEO of The Crisis Compass and constantly learns to expand his own reality and perspectives.​ Thomas is a strong advocate for learning across sectors and is a sought-after speaker, writer and mentor.

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